The simplest ways to make the best of the niches

          The simplest ways to make the best of the niches


Do you think to start a niche blogging or website?

Are you still struggling to find your niche?

Here are all your answers to the simplest ways to make the best of the niches.

What are niches?

“A niche is a focused, targeted area that you serve particularly well. The niche is small, the smaller one is better. It is specific and known to you.”

It is mandatory to find out one’s area of expertise while starting a blog or e-commerce website. This means one should know the simplest way to make the best of the niches.

We can categorize a niche into two types.

(I) Broad Niche

(2) Micro Niche

Broad Niche:-Broad Niche as the name specifies the general representation of an area to work with. Take an example of a shoe. As the niche is broad in terms can attract more consumers in a niche market as result the possibility of conversion ratio will be less. When we search a broad niche query on the search engine, outcomes will the most popular products from well-known brands that put them on top of the search engine results. As a result, the right market projection is not predictable so it can take longer than you imagine.

Micro Niche:-Micro niches represent a specific market segment of consumers and clients from a broader market. Let’s take an example of shoes; micro-niche could be men’s running shoes, red leather men’s shoes, and so on. Micro niches are specific thus leaves no rooms for the type of the product that is being offered in a niche market. So the consumers get the right result of an outcome of their query at that time to buy that specific product.

Micro niches attract fewer visitors due to a specific market. Interestingly audience intention is more in buying that product because exactly what they are looking for it. It is possible to more and more specific as you funnel a generic area. You can offer men’s white running shoes in extra-large sizes. Hence for choosing micro-niches, there are always more possibilities. You can choose several micro niches of the same category. The less general, the more the product answers to a specific audience’s needs. Note that your product description becomes more explanatory and descriptive.

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Here are 3 simplest ways to make the best of the niches that you should take note of when picking a niche:

The first one is to find your passion.

The second one is to find the area that you are talented or can develop talent in.

The third one is to understand the market needs along with identifying your customer avatar.

Section 1:-   Finding your passion.

Let’s look at the ideas that will help you to pick the best of a niche for blogging. If you have already committed to a niche that’s not right, or you have been blogging about multiple things, don’t worry you can always change your niche. You are going to think about what you’re passionate about. What are you an expert in, purely you enjoy it so much?

Here are some things to think about you’re struggling for inspiration:

What do you look forward to in your spare time, or even in your professional life?

What blogs or websites do you enjoy visiting?

Do you have any subscriptions? What are they? Why did you sign up? Is there a topic your friend always turn to you for an answer about? What are you an expert in? Do you belong to any clubs? What are they, and why do you enjoy them?

Steps to follow to know your passion

Step 1: List the top 3 topics that you were interested in as a kid (before 15 years of age). For Example, reading a book based on Autobiography of Leaders, Reading Novels, any subject you were interested in i.e. Botany, history, etc. Make a list of all of the topics that are interesting to you and choose the top 3 topics.

Step 2: List 3 top 3 topics that you have been reading and learning about in the past 3-5 years. What are the topics that interest you? Cricket? Bollywood? Country music? Finding an area that you’re both knowledgeable about and that you love is the sweet spot for identifying your profitable niche.

Section 2:- Discovering Your Talent 

It’s also important to think about which areas you have special skills or experience in. What do people regularly tell you you’re good at? What’s your training or education? What special skills or knowledge have you developed through your work?  Sometimes your talent and passions will be the same in most of the case; you would have developed talent in something else as you grew up.

Health and relationships, entertainment, arts will have several categories beneath it. But Health, relationship, and arts the major ones. Don’t make the niche very broad. Go as specific and as narrow as possible. The market will not pay for your passion. The market will not pay for your passion but your talent. To find out the right answer, you should ask your family, friends, and co-workers what you are good at.

Section 3:- Understanding Market Needs    


In sections 1 and 2, we had a look at your passion and talent. Now let’s have a look at the market opportunity. We will first start with assumptions and then move to market research.

Steps to follow to know Understanding Market Needs in a niche market.

Step 1: List out 5 niches that you think have a need in the marketplace and also has an overlap with your talent and passion.

Niches are broadly categorized into health, wealth, relationship, and arts. Within wealth, you will have a career, business, and investing. Within the arts, you will have entertainment and hobbies. You can refine this list once you come up with your customer avatar.

Step 2: Pick one niche from the top 5 and start doing more research on it.

  1. List out the top 5 influencers in your niche.
  2. List out the top 5 books in your niche
  3. List out the top 5 blogs in your niche.

Step 3:- Create your customer avatar.

Based on the understanding of your niche and the customers in your niche, create a fictional customer avatar. You can do a small survey and send it to people. Your Customer avatar will be more accurate if you ask more people to fill the form. There are no strict rules when it comes to the kind of questions you can ask them. The more you ask, better.

Your Ideal customer Avatar: It can be a real person or a fictional character. If it is a real person, change the name to protect their privacy.

Step 4: Come up with at least 10 keywords that your prospects are searching for on the search engines

You can choose the following tools to search keywords i.e. KeywordTool.io, Google Auto Suggest, AnswerThePublic, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest. Plugin some keywords related to your niche, and see which words and phrases get suggested. Narrow down the suggestions by monthly search volume, competition level, and suggested bid.

For search volume, stick to 1K-10K per month. Any less than this probably means there’s not much of a market for it; any more and it may be too hard to rank for in Search.

For the competition, go with low-medium. While this tells you how competitive the word or phrase is in Ad Words (not organic search), it can still give you a general idea of organic competition levels.

For suggested bid, higher bids often indicate a high level of commercial intent. So, higher bids often mean people will pay more because they make more when they rank for those keywords.

Check out the competition.

Keyword research is important, but you’ll also want to see for yourself what the competition is like for your niche. Google some of the keywords you’ve found to see which sites come up on page one. You’ll find one of three things: There are already tons of well-known sites ranking for those keywords. This niche may be oversaturated, it may be better to find one that isn’t quite so popular. No sites are ranking for those keywords. Be careful here – this could indicate that there are lots of opportunities, but more likely it means others have already discovered there’s no market for this niche. Some sites are ranking for those keywords, but they’re generally smaller or low qualityThis is generally a good sign that this niche is worth pursuing. There is likely some market for this niche, the competition won’t be too harsh.

Step 5: Write an email to your ideal customer avatar and tell them how you are going to help them go from their current state to the desired state.

Step 6: Your market positioning

Test your niche

While the market research you’ve already done is helpful, testing the market in real-time can really show you whether you’re on the right track. One way to test your niche – before you set up an entire website – is to create a landing page that promotes a free info product related to your profitable niche. Next, drive traffic to that landing page using Google Ad Words. This will allow you to see how much interest there actually is in your niche and/or product – both in terms of traffic and downloads. Keep in mind that if you’re getting lots of traffic through Google Ad Words but not many conversions, it’s more likely an issue with your landing page copy…not the niche!

Another way to validate your niche is to survey your target market. Promote your survey anywhere you have contact with your target market: in industry-related groups, on social media. Given what you’ve learned through your PPC testing and surveys, you should now feel confident (or not!) in setting up your niche website and social media profiles.

Congratulations! At this point, you’ve chosen a niche and scoped out the competition. Now it’s time to see if this niche is really as popular and lucrative as you’re hoping.

These are the 10 most profitable niches on the Internet:

  1. Fitness and Weight
  2. Loss Health
  3. Dating and Realationship
  4. Pets
  5. Self Improvement
  6. WealthBuilding through Investing
  7. Make Money on the Internet
  8. Beauty Treatment
  9. Gadgets and Technology
  10. Personal Finance


While this 3 section process won’t guarantee you’ll succeed in your niche,it should spark some ideas and give you a great place to start.

It will also help minimize the risk inherent in starting a niche site,saving your time,money and frustration.

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